Senior Capstone, 2019
Warped Plastic: Art History and Modern Media’s Contribution to Facial Dysmorphia

Is this DULL? Does this HELP? Do I look BETTER? In preparation for this video I practiced putting fake lips on myself. Outwardly I was disgusted but internally
 these thoughts came to light: “I could look like this all the time”, “This really balanced out my face”, “With these lips I could be an influencer”, “This is BETTER”. 
I posted images of my fake lips on social media intially s a joke but it quickly became a further realization of our culture as I saw comments like “finally”, “you did 
it?” among other responses. Why is this normaized? At what point do idealized beauty standards become too grotesk?

Lydia Lowe
Graphic Design, Art Direction,  Production Design
Brooklyn, NY

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